eating paint chips as a kid

No, I didn't eat paint chips as a kid, but the title combines my main thoughts for this post. Cravings. Doings. Happy memories. I did love eating toasted sardine sandwiches though. Come to think of it...I still do. Huh. I also still love to color and draw and in bed. Odd. Anyhow, I got thinking about things we crave and love to do and/or make. You know how it is...say with food. You get a hankering for something sweet. Pretty soon you are day dreaming (and salivating) about some awesome cookie you ate as a kid, and next thing you know you are ransacking your cook books, looking for that damn recipe. I get like that with painting. Only, I crave color. Or texture. Or I daydream about an idea...and pretty soon I'm either at the art store getting canvas or looking through what canvas I have, peeling off the plastic and making it happen. From hankering to action to fruition...or finished cookie....or painting...or whatever your case may be.

I have also been thinking about this because my house is bare and I need to get some new furniture. It's stressing me out. The house is bare and echo-y. But then I thought, hey...wait a minute. It's not bare. It's BLANK. Like a canvas or a sketchbook. I can fill it however I want! Then I got thinking about my sketchbook, and the one I just finished. I LOVE filling a sketchbook and picking out a new one. But then there is that 'oh shit!' moment when you open up the new sketchbook....and there is nothing there. It's blank.

What the hell am I going to put in it?

Well, sketches like these. These are both from my recent trip to Newfoundland, and both were done on the Eastport Peninsula. The one to the left was sketched in Happy Adventure (yes, that's what the little hamlet was really called!) from memory. We were headed up a short but step hill to the little 150 year old saltbox house we were staying in for the next two nights, when I turned around and saw this. The sketch to the left is of an awesome little fishing village called Salvage where all of the fishing stages are still in use. When we were there for the day, people were out and about working on their stages and by the looks of it, digging out a bit of land for another one. Such a great trip, so much to see!

For the moment though, I'm home, with a new blank sketchbook to fill, some blank canvases, a blank house and a head full of ideas of what to put into each of them. I have a hankering for comfy chairs, brightly colored houses, and some fall sketching adventures in my neighborhood. Firstly though...there are artifacts to draw.