I have compiled several short posts in my head over the past few weeks, in between comings and goings, visits, daily tasks, mornings spent opening the cafe, evening runs trying to break in my new runners, short but much needed stretching breaks between projects rotating around the studio from easel to table to crate top for drying and back again. It's all kind of a blur and suddenly it's December?! Whenever I got a moment to sit and actually tap out the posts I created in my head, my body just would not co-operate and my mind would blank. Next time. Nothing too major has happened since I wrote last. I've two painting classes under my belt, that both went well. I think the second one went better than the first, mostly because my thoughts felt more organized about it, but participants in both said they were challenged and had a good time. A news reporter and a camera man visited the studio last Friday to do an interview with me about my work as part of a new weekly segment on Alberta Primetime that focuses on local artists doing what they do. I'm not sure when my bit airs, but I'll keep you posted.

This week I send six paintings to Canvas Gallery in Toronto. I'm going to have work for sale in Toronto!! I'm pretty excited about this. I visited the gallery during my visit at the end of October. It's a lovely space and I had a great chat with Meagan, one of the owners. We talked a lot about food and I left with more places added to my list of 'where to eat' when I am in TO next. I don't think I have left a gallery so hungry before...

I've been working in my sketchbook everyday, making some really fun and freeing abstract drawings from memory. Mostly from walks the dogs and I go on in the Terwillegar dog park here in Edmonton. I've been using all kinds of things to make marks; pencil, charcoal, acrylic ink, paint applied with a paper towel, chalk pastel and soft pencil crayon. I like some of them well enough that I may do bigger versions of them, but I think I will also create a gallery space for them on this site. Mostly it would be nice for me to see their progression without having to rifle through the pages, but they are things I would like to share with whoever wants to see them. I don't think full-on abstract art is my thing per-say, but it is a thing I am having fun with, and is a nice creativity blocker/warm-up when I am feeling a bit stuck or lacking in motivation in the studio.

There is still a small pile of commissions to complete before Christmas, but I am trying to get a few pieces of my own done, squeezed in while other things are drying. This is the most recent, completed last night, but started during the class I taught last Sunday at the Artist Studio Collective down in Blairmore. I like to paint with the participants. Why should they have all the fun?

tea time at Margie's (TO), mixed media on canvas, 14" x 14", $300

tea time at Margie's (TO), mixed media on canvas, 14" x 14", $300

This piece is from a photo I took over a year ago when visiting my aunt in TO. It's a picture of her tiny apartment stove and it's mountain of little tea boxes stacked on the top, with her crazy 70's style wallpaper in the background; yellow with ocher, orange & green flowers, fruits, pitchers and old clocks on it. To be honest, I would love to wallpaper my own kitchen with that crazy print. It was very satisfying, finishing this piece last night. Hopefully I can squeeze in some 16x16 pieces in in the next few weeks. It'd be nice to get in some small ones of Victoria, Montreal and the Yukon. We'll see how the creative process goes in the coming weeks, I guess.

I spent part of this afternoon updating my Facebook page and website with the commissions I've completed over the past couple of months, and this piece (tea time at Margie's) is the eight-hundred-and-seventy-ninth piece in my digital archive. I feel like that is a lot, but compared all the things I still want to paint, it seems a very small number.

Are you ready for Christmas?