elephants for dinner

You know that saying....how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time....right now I feel like I'm sitting at a table that is a bit too high, so my toes can barely graze the floor....sitting at a table that is a bit too big and on that table is an elephant. On a plate. Probably with some type of garnish or something. Lots of parsley maybe? It seems every time I turn around there is another cool idea to paint or thing I want to be involved in, but I have so much to do already! Rather than get overwhelmed, I have set myself some little goals. Gabriel is away for two weeks so I have a timeline in which to get some more little 'niggling' projects done. One of them being wedding planning. My aunt-to-be said it was my family duty to go and drink scotch with my father-in-law-to-be. Why not kill two birds with one stone then? Wedding planning and scotch drinking. I'm not really certain how there can be one happening without the other anyhow....but that is Tuesday's task. Monday's task is to go to Lethbridge. This evenings task was to finish painting the bottom portion of the biggest canvas I have ever painted that WASN'T a commission.

"take cover"

acrylic on canvas, 30" x 36"


It's not nearly as impressive looking on here as it is in person. I look at it and I can feel the cool wind coming in with the menacing clouds while the heat from the sun beats down on the plateau of the fields. My friend Jason took photos of my with his cool hasslebad (sorry if I got that wrong in spelling or model type!) with black and white film. I haven't seen the photos yet because, well, they are on film and that needs to be developed.

I bought two canvases this size and found them a bit daunting when I got them into the studio. Now that I have finished one of them already.....I'm kind wishing they were a bit bigger. The other one is already planned out in my head. First painting of my tree show for November. But that is a task for another day. Like tomorrow. There will be many layers....so I can work on it intermittently while I work on other things.

Now to work on sleep. I had my first hot yoga session this evening and it was awesome! Tomorrow I open at the Transcend Garneau cafe and am bringing this painting in....so if you are in Edmonton, want good coffee and would like to see the painting in person.....I think you should.