Emails, organization, bare walls and an excessive amount of white

So many exciting things going on....and none of them outside. Winter has returned with a vengeance. Minus 38? Gross. Glad the studio is full of canvas and the great book of art is bursting with ideas. This morning has been a morning chalk full of emails and phone calls. I'm pretty stoked to be heading up the art space at the new Transcend Jasper cafe. I've never done anything like this before....but there is so much good art, and I have so many talented friends, who have talented friends...and I'm very eager to make NEW talented friends! It's an adventure, that's for sure. This past weekend I sold two paintings at the Garneau cafe....and one of them heads to Newfoundland! Wohoo! Second painting sale to that fabulous province! Sadly I take the show down at the Sugarbowl tomorrow and then, weather permitting, I move parts of it to the Stettler Public Library. Hopefully Stettler enjoys the paintings for the month of March.

tile #50 (before & after) "and go!" acrylic & ink on board, 4" x 4"

Today's little painting is my contribution to the mural mosaic for the Lt. Governor General's arts awards. The panel on the left is what it looked like before, and the panel on the right is my finished painting. The tiles are picked by artists at random and we have a color and line guideline to work with, so that our little paintings fit in with the overall theme. It's a tiny piece of a much larger painting. It was a challenge coming up with a picture to fit within the shapes and color scheme. Mural Mosaics has done a fair number of these projects in the past....and they are pretty cool. Lots of local artists contribute time and their unique ideas to the painting....and it's amazing how it all lines up and creates something unified and...well, just amazing. Here is a link you might want to check out:

It's fun organizing displays and working on group projects and whatnot....but I'm tired of being on the computer. It's time to brave the cold, get some milk for tea and get cracking on some drawing and painting of my own....and not get too distracted with thoughts about leaving for Victoria this Sunday!