Escape is at hand

I leave tomorrow at 4:45pm for Victoria for 3 days. Oh my goodness do I need a break. Nothing to do but visit interesting places for eats, drinks and see the Emily Carr exhibit at the Royal BC Museum. That and sketch. And walk. And breath in the clear sea air. (happy sigh) Today was the beginning of Whyte Ave artwalk registration...and I got the same spot as last year. Right in front of Lululemon on Whyte. July 15-17. Come on out. I'm doubtful there will be snow. I bet you can even wear shorts those days...and sandals.

"enough!" ink & acrylic on canvas, 8" x 16" $160

Of course before I travel, I like to try and finish off any paintings I'm working on, so I can start painting new things as soon as I get back. I finally got to finish this little guy today. Hilarious picture I found randomly. You can't make this stuff up. The back ground is painted with cobalt green titanate and then sanded down a bit to give it a worn look. I've sanding the backgrounds on these bird paintings and on the crow/dandelion series. I just like how it looks. It's not to prepare the surface or anything. I really liked the muted colors of "wait for it" so I tried to mimic the palette in this painting. At first I wasn't a huge fan of it, and debated starting over....but after I added the ink, I liked how the birds turned out and then signed it and posted it.

I have one more canvas on the go right now that I would like to finish before tomorrow. I also have a last minute cover design for a student magazine to get done this evening....VERY last minute. I'll see what I can come up with and see if they like it. Hopefully it works out. Then there is packing and getting ready for Victoria. It looks like the weather is going to be in the plus range while I'm there...with the usual imminent threat of west coast drizzle. Meh. It won't be -30 like it has been here for the past week or so!

I hope to have a nice collection of sketches and little stories to share from my wee trip to the west coast. Stay warm. Spring is coming.