Fact vs. Whimsy

top: photo , bottom: "poplar culture" (finished painting) mixed media on canvas, 18" x 24" $540 

So much ink. Why do I do these things? Why do I purposely make MORE work for myself with some paintings? I wonder this as I'm about 1/4 of the way through inking something and suddenly realize just how long this is going to take...

I do this because it looks freakin' RAD.

Above is the reference photo for the painting to the left, and the finished painting to the right. The picture is taken from a Valentine's Day hike we went to at Cross Lake in Northern Alberta last year. It was from the road that went by Gabriel's old house...or one of them. He grew up living in various remote and not so remote parks in Alberta. His dad worked (and does still) work for Alberta Parks as a Conservation officer. This involved occasionally living out in the middle of nowhere, like Cross Lake....which is really lovely in February by the way. (There is fabulous ice fishing out there if you are looking for fun outdoor things to do in February.)

I love painting trees...it's very soothing, but for this one I went a little more whimsical. Instead of straight and boring poplar branches, (yes, POPLAR...it's not a spelling mistake in the title of the painting, I assure you!) I decided to add some nice curly things that I've used in other works. I like how it breaks up some of the verticalness of the trees. I didn't go all out whimsical....but just added a little something to make you look a little harder. There is some lovely paper with various patterns too, and a bit more of that "Rod & Gun" magazine. That magazine will be a recurring them in the month ahead. I have a real thing for the texture of words in the background of my mixed media work.

"Building abstract #16: saskatchewan drive", has also been posted on the site here, along with "poplar culture"...in the gallery section if you want to have a look.