Faster than you can upload a picture and refresh your screen!

"Dearest Brigus (letters to Newfoundland)" ink & acrylic on canvas, 9" x 12" $135

If you are me, and haven't had coffee....or are working with a new laptop that isn't %100 familiar....that isn't very fast at all. You could boil water, brew a nice cup of tea, doctor it up and enjoy the first few sips before I'm finished photographing, tweaking and posting one of my paintings on my site. Depends on the was a quicker day....and a few hours after I had posted my LAST painting for the January show "Streets & Avenues"....I got an email from someone wanting to purchase it. Huzzah!

Today was the first official day of my Christmas holidays. I put the finishing touches on "burning bush" (which is in the gallery under "Newfoundland"), posted it and then rewarded myself for being done by revisiting an old idea with a new little series. Around this time last year I was working on a little series of paintings (the paintings were little.....the series wound up being quite a few paintings and watercolors) called one-a-days. (One painting painted every day!) A few of these paintings had writing on the writing and it was usually something pertaining to the painting with bits of painting over top so that the writing ended up being the background. I did a few titled 'letters to New Brunswick' and 'letters to Nova Scotia'... and had the brilliant idea of painting some for Newfoundland. I just happen to have 4 newly purchased blank canvases that are 9" x 12" so I'm working on a little 4 painting series called "the four letter series". I've created a separate section for it in the gallery area if you click on the drop box at the top. I've posted this one and will post the rest as I finish them.

You won't be able to read what the writing says as it's mostly covered. I love how the writing looks in the background though. I'm trying to make each letter addressed to a specific place that I visited in Newfoundland. I might add to the series, but so far I have 4 definite pictures picked out that I want in this this might be it. I'm pricing them individually and as sets. I'm pretty sure they'll all look swell together, but I guess we'll see as they materialize.

Hooray for mini series right before Christmas! So much for those Christmas postcards....