Feathers flying

"feather-bomb of happiness" ink & watercolor on paper

This morning I could smell spring thaw. What a fabulous smell! No I'm not delusional...it might be a touch of spring fever due to the ridiculously nice weather we are having...but I indeed did smell the spring thaw. Frost has been heaving out of the ground a little bit. I'm not going crazy...really I'm not.

Yesterday I told you about my friend's "feather-bomb of happiness" comment....and this was the image I awoke with in my head, so here it is. It's a pretty spring like postcard, and there are so many chickadees around this area...and in conjunction with the fine weather...I think it's a highly appropriate subject! I realize that January is a bit early to be talking about spring, and it might be making you groan especially if you hate winter...so I'm sorry in advance for whatever cold snap or crazy snowstorms we get from here on in. And I hope you continue to read my blog, even though I like snow and you may not....and even though I remind you that it's still fully winter, albeit very mild at the moment...