Fin...and the need for some creative input! Please.

"Fly" acrylic on canvas

As in done...finished....finito! My LAPTOP is going to be finito in a minute. It's getting old, slowing down...and not allowing me to have too many applications running at one time. As a sign of protest it has deleted this blog TWICE already. Third time and it's going out the window....after I back it up, of course!

Why can't these silly things just work the way they are supposed to? *sigh*

Anyhow...."Fly" is done! After so much thought...I'm really happy with the way it turned out. This painting was more difficult to complete because the image was from my head, not a photograph. At least with a photo you have a visual reference right there...and you can choose to omit or embellish what you like. But I did remember that I wanted to keep the subject simple. It was such a nice simple moment that inspired it in the first place.

And finish sketches for my friend's band in Halifax (hi to the Daves & Mimi!), and then start working on the April show...which I have a couple of titles for the show, but nothing that is sticking for certain. I need a little help for this one...and I am asking you who read this for some feedback.

Yes you!

The show is about bicycles and odd combination it's true, but a cool one. The show is being hung in a clothing store that sells really nifty Canadian made and environmentally friendly clothes. (things made from natural fibres, recycled clothing and recycled materials!) The shop is called Edit and it's in Lethbridge. So...if you have a neat title idea for a show about clothing and bicycles...and keep in mind, it will be mixed media...(so there will be buttons, newspaper, pretty patterned paper...etc.) please send me an email with "SHOW TITLE IDEAS" in the subject line, so I don't delete your email as spam!

Thanks for your help!