Finches....and all the trimmings

"I think I see a pattern here" mixed media on canvas, 8" x 16" (unfinished version)

No we aren't eating finches for Christmas dinner. That would not be enough to feed everyone that is coming, and really....they are too cute. We are having turkey and other lovely things, as I am sure you are too. Dinner isn't in the oven yet though, so I'm still free to occupy the kitchen table....and oh is it EVER occupied. Mixed media layers take a long time to dry. Thank goodness for blog postings to pass the time.

I'm not sure why I seem to have birds on the brain lately, but I just really want to paint them. The triptych is looking lovely, and one of it's many ink layers is currently drying so I can continue on it, so while waiting for it I began scouring the internet for pictures of cute little birds and came across a lovely picture of a little finch on a branch to put on this lovely patchwork canvas I prepared. I just thought a little bird would look nice on it, there is really no other reason for it. Most of the patterns come from some lovely Japanese paper and some of it I painted by hand. Some of the little squares in the background are also painted with orange interference paint, so it changes depending on lighting. Hopefully I can fit in dog walking, present wrapping, and cleaning up before the kitchen table needs de-studioing. I'm not moving fast today....due to holiday mode, but it might happen. If so, like always, it shall be posted in the gallery under '2010 paintings'.

Gosh....pretty soon it will be time to create a 2011 category! Jeepers.

I hope you make it out for a walk today to work off some of those food babies and made room for other delicious edibles today.