finishing school

Another commission finished. Another one on the go. Another one to complete in the next week. It seems the majority of things I'm working on this month are already spoken for. I feel bad posting the new works, because they aren't for sale. I don't do ONLY commission work now. Next month I get to start working on my own things again. Until then, it's good to have deadlines and paid projects. It's a nice balance. A few posts ago I mentioned I was taking part in the Paint Spots 'Unfinished Painting Challenge'. A call was put out for artist's to drop off a painting that they didn't know how to finish and in turn, grab someone else's unfinished work to finish. So for the past few evenings I have been working on finishing someone else's painting. It's an odd thing. I like the rough base of the one I took. I don't want to cover the whole thing. I'm puzzling out how to make it mine with ambiguous visual references from the internet. I'm trying to imagine the lighting. The color. The textures. This is how it's progressing so far:

DSCF3960 (1)

This is what it looked like when I got it.

DSCF3976 (1)

I like paper, so I added paper.

DSCF3977 (1)

DSCF3981 (1)

I love the hoodoos of the badlands. There are so many lines and interesting textures on the eroding rock, not to mention the layers of color. It's quite a bit of work for my creative brain. Half the time I'm not certain how my own work is going to turn out....let alone another artist's. It's funny to me when I get a commission or friends ask me what I'm working on now, and then their part of the conversation finishes off with; "I can't wait to see how it turns out." and I blurt out; "Me too!"

I'm looking forward to see how this piece ends. I'll keep you posted.