First post of the newly 30!

My birthday was yesterday and there has been a lot of post-Christmas family visiting of late. There have also been an increasing number of silly drawings in my sketchbook which I just posted today on facebook. I've been slacking in the painting department, but not in the overall art-creating department. Fear not!

And as proof of studio time....I finished this painting this morning.

"two ton red" acrylic on canvas, 24" x 30" $900

This is the first time I have used the same subject twice. I painted this truck early last year (photo to the left). I donated it to be raffled off at an archeology conference in Calgary last spring. (the things we do for love, hey?) I love painting vintage vehicles and so I was searching my digital photo archives for more cool vintage vehicle photos and had forgotten I had more pictures of this truck but from different angles. It's located on highway going to Lethbridge (can't think of the number now, highway 2 maybe?). There is a neat half short bus, half gigantic winch type vehicle not too far from it, just sitting in the field, being weathered by the relentless prairie wind. I have a picture of it too....and it might turn into a painting for the upcoming February show!

I really like the colors on this painting. My paint box is quite full of many different colors and I try to challenge myself by trying new color combinations for a painting. Lately I've been using a lot of naples yellow (sky), smalt hue (blue part of snow on the ground) and azurite (cool blue tones on the truck). I wanted the painting to have the feel of a old photograph....colored but faded from the true color. I was also a bit nervous about using this size of's a big painting of a truck, but I'm pleased with the result and the perspective in the painting. It makes me wish for spring....almost. I'm one of those weirdos who has been enjoying all the snow we are getting. It almost looks like I don't have hedges in the front yard anymore and it's STILL snowing! So glad I bought a pair of sorel winter boots for myself for my idea. ever. (besides this painting!)