for pick-up and take-away

Ten minutes to 9 o'clock and bed seems like a great idea. Yup, I'm one of those weirdos who likes an early bedtime. I need to conserve my energy this week. Saturday I run a 10K race with my friend Laura. We're ushering in her 30th year of life with sweat and then beer with the rockies as the backdrop to our weekend shenanigans. Balance, right? Then I leave for ON for 10 days of recuperation, visiting, wandering, instagramming and drawing with people I haven't seen in a long, long time. I cannot wait!

In the meantime though, there are things to keep me busy. Knitting is going well. Also I finished the first 2 commissions of the autumn and am waiting to hear about a few more. Then there are the nagging little ideas for Christmas cards and a series of pen drawings....

But I digress.

This past week I devoted my time to these lovely ladies. I had a wonderful time painting these portraits. Portraits were something I used to dread. Drawing faces; no problem! Painting portraits?! Erm....yea.....sure. I do that.

Not really.

I do now!

DSCF5208 DSCF5210

Meet Lainey (left) and Neko (right). I've never met them before, but I've spent a (quite) a few hours looking at their faces this week. These portraits are the left part of a triptych commission. The main piece is here:


(my apologies for the coloring in this photo; it was taken at night with my aging camera)

Lainey is in the background and Neko is looking at us in the foreground. The photo was taken somewhere on the coulees of Lethbridge. I was so excited to see this photo and even more excited that I got to pick it as one of the photos I got to work from for this commission. The coulees of Lethbridge are so beautiful and I miss walking on them with my own dogs, especially at this time of year. Alberta has so many lovely places.

Tomorrow these pieces leave the studio and go to their new home. Then it's back to the little paintings of lobster traps that I started while I was waiting for layers of these pieces to dry.

Yup, lobster traps.

The list of what I haven't painted yet is getting shorter. All. The. Time.