for whom the bike bell dings for repeatedly, in an annoying yet somewhat endearing fashion

This title is funny to me because I just found out the dates my friend from the east coast of Canada is coming to visit. Not because of the visit itself, but it reminds me of how Jen and I met. We worked at the Kerry Wood Nature Center in Red Deer. She had moved to Alberta from Fredericton NB for work and was thinking about going to school here in the fall. We were new summer hires, so a group of us took a tour of the bike paths of Red Deer and some of the historical neighborhoods. I had just bought Karma, my lovely cruiser bike and was not being frugal with the usage of my lovely matching bike bell. It was a running joke that summer, and when I rode Karma into the Edmonton river valley yesterday to get some photos of the High Level Bridge, I rang my bell to no one and smiled and thought of my friends and how they rolled their eyes and laughed at my bike bell enthusiasm. It's kind of like when someone farts in yoga class. We like to pretend we are all mature and that stuff like that isn't funny....but your smiling thinking about that kind of thing right now...and I'm guessing you snorted into your tea cup. Just a little.

Jen is coming to visit in July. I cannot wait! July is going to be intense, but that's what summer is for.

This is how my newest piece has progressed between yesterday and today. The canvas is 30x30 (in) in size.








I think I like this photo and perspective best from all the pictures I took of the High Level Bridge yesterday. This piece is going on the 30x40 canvas I have waiting. I took lots of photos, so I do plan on painting a few smaller versions.


Sundays are the best. Now I'm off to yoga. Until next time friends!