friend of a friend

Oh, this friendship thing is a vicious, vicious cycle. I know everyone says or thinks this, but I have amazing people in my life, and mostly I get to meet them because I invite myself along to things and eventually become friends with a friend of a friend I made. Uh....yea, you follow, right?

I have two very talented photographer friends. One moved to London a few months ago, and I am planning on visiting her this fall. (Her name is Elyse, and you should check out her site and follow her if you are a tweeter. I love her outlook on life in London!) The other still lives in Edmonton for the time being....but will be moving to Ottawa this fall. She (Carmyn, which you should also follow on twitter AND like on facebook because her instagram stream is a fantastic depiction of just a beautiful life lived lovingly. Every. Day.) took some wonderful post-wedding photos of me and the bearded dude. We both hate having our photo taken, but she was so fun and so good and what she can't tell how awkward we are in REAL life, can you?

During our photo shoot....she also snapped this lovely photo:

Which was the reference photo I used for this painting (which is a rather large commission I just finished and am waiting for final approval on):

And all this has come about by me becoming friends with Elyse, who then introduced me to Carmyn, who both inspire me everyday with their lovely tweets and instagram photos. So really, today's painting and blog is essentially THEIR fault.

It's good to have talented friends.