Friends old and new

"Fredericton" acrylic on canvas, 10" x 10" $100

Hi there! Today's paintings is from last years trip to Fredericton. It was my first time to New Brunswick's capital, and I loved it. So much history, fabulous architecture and great trees! I love how the saltbox style houses are so close to the are walking and turn your head, and suddenly you are staring into someone's kitchen! Bizarre! My friend Jen laughed as I stopped to take pictures every couple of minutes, but we just don't have that style of housing out in Western Canada. It's so neat to see that, and see people take care of these old treasures. I'm not sure what street this is. I do remember we were heading back to her place after coffee downtown on Kings Street. Oh cinnamon I miss you.

The new friends part comes from someone I met in Halifax this year, looking me up on Facebook. I think because I've been thinking about my adventures in Eastern Canada a lot lately, that the next few one-a-days are going to stay in that vein. Stay tuned for more!