from here to there

I am about to succumb to a lovely ginger beef & chicken fried noodle coma.

Today was a cold, quiet day, perfect for reminiscing about adventures past and scheming up ones for the new year. It's fun filling up the yearly calendar with these things and this year I am more determined than ever not to fill it to bursting. At least, not this early. Not right away. There are 3 trips in the works so far; 2 definite ones and 2 yet to be determined. I need to leave time for painting and knitting and camping and sleeping. I head back to TO in early March, and then the BD and I go to Victoria in April. We're talking about Italy sometime next year with some family friends, and now is the time to start applying for shows for the 2016 gallery seasons...


There are quite a few things to get onto canvas between there and here, so I began working on this anti-portrait of my friend Jen leading us to John's Cove. I wonder what it looks and sounds like there in the winter?

It's time for a G&T.