from hermitage to creative pilgrimage: tales from the studious little flat

For about a month now, every Tuesday I have a group of ladies over to my house for tea and creative things. We aren't working on a group project or anything. We are just getting together in one space, and working away at our various crafts....sometimes talking, sometimes not, sipping tea, and gaining and sharing inspiration from those around us. It started out as 2 ladies (plus me and Gershwin) and has a core of about 6 ladies, and 4 dogs. Photography. Painting. Writing. Book binding. Knitting. It's been pretty great. Then on Tuesday an artist friend of mine who hails from the prairie metropolis of Red Deer (who I also met up with on my last trip to Newfoundland...and who has been traveling across north America in her totally rad van(ish) house, seeing the sights and painting while she wanders!) came to visit and spend part of the morning working in her sketchbook in the studio while I painted. This visit made me a bit nervous. Another artist. In MY studio. Asking about and witnessing my creative process in action! (gulp) Of course it was fine, and we had a lovely visit. There was no's just funny how KNOWING you are being watched by someone else in your profession can make you nervous. is the Sugarbowl show! ( wall of it, anyhow.)

I finished commissions #3 & #4 yesterday and have nothing super pressing to work on right now. As such I began feeling super unmotivated. So I figured it was time to get into my sketchbook for a little bit. Of course it made sense to turn the burnt orange couch into a temporary studio space for this:

(Here you can see what I was sketching. My living room facing the main window....with my lovely new jasmine plant that makes my house smell like spring is here!)

(Then lastly, the finished sketch ready to be put aside to dry. That is my sketcbook in the foreground and I thought about drawing my write had drawing, but I didn't want to spend too much time on this sketch because I really do want to get painting.)

Today there are no visitors to the studious little flat. It's peaceful. There is a new 'Bahamas' album streaming melodically from my laptop and a couple of outlined paintings that I am getting back to shortly. I hope your Wednesday wasn't much of a hump.