Fundraisers, fish, frolic and other things not put out by the snow

"one fish, two fish.." acrylic on canvas, 20" x 24"

It's been snowing 3 days now and I love it. It's not too cold, it's pretty, it's quiet...but it's not enabling the little chickadees to find the feeder I finally bought for them on Saturday. Gabriel even hung it the next day...and still no sign of them. I bet they got to impatient with me. I can hear them all around in the neighboring trees when I step outside. One friend suggested I make them a sign, in bird language of course. I suggested she order a side of 'funny' with her takeout next time. She assured me she was being perfectly serious...and I assured her I was too. I love them, but my friends are weird!

This almost-finished-painting is another painting that will be auctioned off at the Kut-A-Poz Earth Day Fundraiser. When it's finished, I will post the details on the home page about the date and time of the event. This is the third year in a row I've been asked to donate...and I love it. So far I've been able to paint something specific for the the theme is usually about water. The first year I painted an abstract of sea water washing over rocks and last year I painted this neat building that was built on the water and had a great reflection beneath it. Both were from photos I took when I went to Tofino BC in 2007. I like donating paintings. It's a great way to get free advertising, especially if they let you have business cards at the event, or post a link to your website. Plus it's always nice to have the challenge of painting something in a theme I may not think of on my own. All that is left to do here is paint the rocks and sign it. And then? Onto a commission of an adorable little girl...

But for RIGHT now, it's time to don the boots and go frolic in the fresh snow with my dog...before his face gets so long he trips on it!