gathering our sweetnesses

Sometimes my most favorite things to paint are just everyday moments in and around my neighborhood that make me go; "oh! how lovely!". There's nothing really special about them; in that where I live isn't exotic or exceedingly stylish, but it's where I am. It's in my space, my own little corner of Canada, of this province, of the city where I live. Sometimes it drives me crazy and I come up with crazy schemes to just pick up and leave with dogs and Bearded Dude for something quieter, smaller and slower. I've been reminded over and over again lately what a stellar community I have here. The cafe where I work let's me hang my work in both locations, we live within walking distance of beautiful treed spaces to roam with our dogs in and the friends I have made in 4 short years of living in Edmonton have been (and ARE!) just so great. People have been asking where I am off to next and I've been happily and truthfully able to reply: "nowhere. just home." This week I purchased two Gord Downie albums; my favorite being 'Coke Machine Glow'. The title of this post is taken from a lyric in his spoken word piece 'Insomniacs of the World, Good Night'. I've been listening to this album a lot. I love his lyrics and his rather stream-of-consciousness writing style. Or maybe it isn't like that. It seems like that to me. The images he describes are lovely, and that's what inspired the writing on this piece I just finished. It's just thoughts on how Magpie is the color of winter, and what colors those might be. I didn't think about what I was writing beforehand so really it's just one, long, badly punctuated run-on sentence. There are some neat snippets of imagery in there too, though. I am by no means a poet. I do love writing poetry, although that seems to mostly happen at great times of sadness and turmoil in my life. There is nothing sad and tumultuous going on in my life at present. Just gathering sweetnesses to use in all things.


'magpie is the color of winter'

mixed media on canvas, 20" x 20"