getting over Monday (before the second cup of tea)

I don't make new year's  resolutions. As a rule. It most likely stems from the fact that most people do make them, and I'm not really one for band wagons of a really popular nature. In my studio however, there are some things I realize....some unwritten rules I've imposed on myself that this year I am working on getting over. They are: 1. outlines can be black or red. it doesn't matter. they can also be both. on the same painting. breathe, Justina!

2. birch panels can be completely painted. it's OK. yes, the wood grain is lovely but i needn't feel bad that you can't see it anymore because i painted over all of it. it's OK. really.

3. the entire paintable surface does not have to be base coated! case in point, the Whyte Ave alley way piece i am working on right now. some parts of the Chianti building i wanted the wood grain of the birch panel to show through. so i didn't base  coat those parts. it looks awesome! (i am such a rebel right should see my sneaky grin!)

4. i can base coat first OR outline. (but....)

5. the entire piece needn't be mixed media. it's OK to have a painting with just a little bit of paper added. like birds. paper birds on a painting. (they really look quite striking on amidst all the hanging laundry in the other piece i'm working on.)

6. it is OK if i don't finish a painting a day. this does not mean i'm a slacker. it means that sometimes 5 minutes painting is all i can give a piece. that and 2 hours thinking and being distracted by dog snuggles. or reading. or friends. or...

I think 6 things to work on getting over in my art work is good enough for one year. These things can be a case-by-case battle but thus far, I am feeling very encouraged by my 3 successful working cases (pieces) at the moment.

It's time to make an ugly box now so I can send a painting to Winnipeg. Happy Monday.