ginger & honey & limes & scotch

I began getting a head cold this past Sunday. It totally took the wind out of my sales. Two days of 12 hours worth of sleep. Sniffling. Sneezing. Taking cold FX. My mind has been ready to go with lots of ideas, and my body has clearly checked out. 'Nope....sorry, not today. Look at your couch. It looks lonely and comfy. Get on it.' My studio would have been neglected today too had it not been for rest and a co-worker's feeding me of fresh ginger steeped in hot water with honey and lime yesterday. My head went from foggy to functional. Absolutely brilliant! So as I relax into the couch after a busy day of cleaning, painting and visiting, I turn again to this wonderful elixir. With an addition of a side of scotch!

Here is what I worked on today:

"78th ave (in edmonton, ab)"

mixed media on canvas, 18" x 36"


I outlined this a few weeks ago and then left it. It was nice to begin and finish it in one sitting I must say. There is a bigger picture of it in the gallery section (2012 works). It's a snowy Edmonton street not to far from where I reside. There are quite a few streets in the area with this wonderful tunneling effect of overhanging branches. Gorgeous any time of the year. I especially love the patchwork of paper going on on the road in the foreground and the ink work on the tree trunks and branches.'s hard to capture all this loveliness in a photo. The mixed media works always look cooler in person....but then really, any art work is much better seen in person.

And now THIS person is heading for a hot bath.