the restless

I've been sick all week. The stuffy nose has abated and given way to a cough that only seriously plagues me when I lie down to get some sleep or breathe with my mouth open.

The new canvases I'm working on are restless. They are coming along slower than I hoped because I'm trying to let my body rest and recuperate and be ready for the next adventure. My show opening for the first instalment of The Anti-portrait Project was this afternoon. I had some lovely visits with family and friends, shared some snacks with them, and sold a piece from the show as well. I am paying for all the talking now as I move about the house, coughing and hacking loudly. Coughs are exhausting. 

But it in the midst of all of this coming and going, doing, packing, sorting and emailing, the little bit of painting I have gotten done in the studio is turning out really well. 


It's from a photo I took when Uncle Patrick took me on a walking tour of Cabbagetown in Toronto a few years ago. I like the limited light, how it's not blinding the viewer, but almost beckoning them closer to the street. 

We leave for Alaska and the trailhead of the Chilkoot on Monday. Here's hoping this stupid cough is gone by then.