Go stamps, go!

As I have reiterated before when I haven't blogged in a bit...the studio is still a busy place. I haven't been painting much, but I have been working on an illustration project and my drawings for the U of A and the U of L. I'm just about all caught up with those things but while getting caught up, I have been making little notations in my sketchbook and 'great book of art' for the paintings I'm working on next. New work is on the way. Sugarbowl show comes down in one week, then parts of that show migrate south to the Stettler public library, some get delivered to their new homes, and others get swapped out a few venues around Edmonton. Yay, roadtrip! Hopefully the weather holds out for me. I've attempted to head to Lethbridge 3 times this month, and all 3 times have been thwarted by crazy weather. Ah, winter. Initially for today's post, I was going to show you a sample of the artifact drawings I just finished inking in, but then I got something very lovely in the mail that I wanted to share instead!


Yup. No, I am not a stamp collector but for those of you who frequent this site and the blog, if you look closely, the image on the stamps might be familiar. It's a painting I did in the summer shortly after we got back from visiting friends in the NWT. The painting is called "the other side of the fence" and a good friend of mine snapped it up right away. That same friend asked if it would be cool to submit the image to Canada Post and get stamps made, and I said sure. I had heard you could do that, but didn't feel that I sent enough post to get it done myself. I kind of forgot about it....and then I got these in the mail today. He ordered them, kept some for him and gave some to me! I now have one of my paintings on a legitimate Canadian stamp! I have amazing friends, I must say.

In other exciting news, Transcend, the cafe I work at is opening a new location in downtown Edmonton right on Jasper ave. We are taking over the Axis Cafe location....and I will be the organizer of the art that gets displayed down there. So....if you know someone, or you yourself are interested in displaying in the cafe for a 1-2 month duration, you should send me an email with your contact info. Please make the subject of the email "Jasper cafe exhibit" so I don't mistake your email for spam!

I'm almost regretting the large-ish amount of ginger pork and noodles I just ate because it's soooooo lovely out and not treacherously slippery....which is a stellar combination for a good run. I'm sure it will still be pretty nice out when the sun goes down and my belly is not as full, so I suppose in the meantime I could finish and post my little teacup painting and get started on the last of my big canvases. Happy Family day to you!