Got it covered!

"Living Library" book cover series: b-boy dancer mixed media on canvas 11" x 14"

Summer is waning. I can feel it in the evening air. There is heavy condensation on the car in the morning, like it's trying to frost. The university crowd is slowly making their way back to campus and getting fueled up in the cafe before they wind up there, hunkered down with new tasks. The mornings have been steadier at the cafe. It's a taste of the things to come. Oh how I love fall....but I know. It's still summer. It's also August 12 today....almost half way through this month and there is still so much to do! It is however, getting done.

This is the first in the "Living Library" series of book covers I'm working on for the Red Deer Public Library. (Hereon in referred to as RDPL because I'm lazy and don't want to type that title out all the time!) Each of the paintings is 11" x 14" and so far I have finished two of them....two out of a possible 12, but definitely 10. Not subject matter I would normally paint, but a fun challenge nonetheless. I like this dude....with his feet in the air. Reminds me of spending many recesses in elementary perfecting handstands and cartwheels. I'm applying the same technique I've been using for my building abstracts for these covers and I'm enjoying the results so far. There's just something about drawing ON a painting that I really like. (My own paintings, not drawing on someone ELSE'S paintings.)

Now, do I work on the big NWT canvas or start on the new commission? Think I'll debate this over tea. The new commission is planned out at least, just need to get it on the canvas.

But there is also a nice comfy bed, snuggly dog and tea waiting for me. Darn it. I think they might win this one....