the end is part of it

I think I am finally at the end of this dreadful cold. What a long battle! Just when I thought it had been beaten, I'd awake the following morning to some fresh new hell of congestion and aches. The most frustrating part was the runners I kept seeing run past my house, taking full advantage of the sunshine with their lively gait and working lungs. It was like they knew I couldn't be out there! We usually don't have so many runners in our neighborhood. Fuck YOU guys! I kept thinking. I want to be out doing that, not in here coughing and hacking and cradling this damn tissue box!!

Not being able to breathe properly can make a girl really cranky, what can I say?

All week in between bouts of fatigue and coughing fits, I worked on these three pieces which are the last pieces being slotted into 'the delicate winter'. I hang them bright and early in the cafe tomorrow before it opens. This show comes down at the end of this month.

These three are more inspired about the end of winter; the thawing of things (middle piece), the Chinook arches (right piece) and the lingering daylight that dawdles on the branches on the row of spruces in our backyard where the magpies like to hide (left piece).

It's pretty safe to say our winter is over. There is no snow on our front lawn and the backyard is a swamp we are keeping the dogs out of for the time being. Every walk ends in a foot bath for them. No matter how many times you vacuum, there is always a little bit of sand on the floor. Things look grey and tired when it's overcast but the smell of thawing things is wonderful. I enjoyed the snow and cold while it was here, but I am looking forward to the adventures, growth and colors that come with the spring and summer seasons.

Happy Saturday!

I didn't cough on these paintings.