Green means go!

"Green means go!" acrylic on canvas, 8" x 8" $64

I uh, took the last 2 days off. Well, not really. I outlined this one-a-day, then went to visit friends in Red Deer and was enticed to stay with the promise of a gourmet dinner and visiting. Hooray for friends!

But on the drive, I had lots of time to think about this little painting, and why I painted it. I like intimate portraits of community life. People shopping, walking dogs, communities buried beneath snow banks...not your usual tourist-type shots, but the ones you just stumble upon when you are somewhere not too familiar. Moncton has all these cute little army and turn-of-the-century houses, that I just love to paint. There is also a soft place in my heart for quaint little neighborhoods...and the East coast in general. I didn't get the name of this street, but I really dig the traffic light (thus, the title of the painting!) suspended above the receding houses and the long fall shadows on the road. But I have YET to find something that I don't like to paint.

I really will see you tomorrow.