hair today.....gone tomorrow!

This post has nothing to do with my hair, although I did get it trimmed the other day and my hairdresser put in more layers and it looks fan-freakin'-tastic. I didn't cut it all off, which I am prone to do. I thought of this title while I was making random posts about my painting progress on Monday. I was working on a large mixed media piece and was at the inking stage. It needs to be flat for that so I had the canvas laid on the floor with my laptop at the top with the screen showing my reference photo. I was on the floor for about 6hrs inking (with breaks to let Gerswhin out, send a few emails, eat some lunch and do some laundry). I would sit back on my heels to check how the painting was coming together, and Gerswhin would come in to the room and shove his head through the crook of my elbow and survey the frisbee-less work and then go back to the kitchen, sighing heavily. After a few of these breaks I would dip the nib in my acrylic in and begin drawing again...and find a dog hair. On average I would say there are about 5-6 dog hairs embedded in the painting somewhere....but since this was a particularly large painting and I spent the bulk of the time working on it while it lay on the floor, I would say that painting had about 20 dog hairs in it. Years from now....there might be some importance attributed to my "mixed media & dog hair" phase. Hopefully I won't be around to hear the wacked out interpretations about it!

That painting was called "weathered remains, cape fife, haida gwaii" and it's in the "2011 works" folder. I hung it at 8:30 am Tuesday morning in the Garneau cafe, stayed for a coffee, and a lady approached me at about 9:30 am wanting to purchase it. Holy. Cow.

Now I'm working on a drawing project that's been on the back burner for a bit. Caricatures of some friends at work with both a coffee and star wars related theme. Unfortunately for some of them....they have very silly pictures on facebook and since we happen to be friends on facebook as well, naturally I am inclined to use the silly photos of the reference photos for this little project. This may be the last time I get asked to do something like this....or I may create a monster with this. Either way, it's good clean fun! This is what it looks like so far:

I won't post their case they want to remain anonymous. That and I like my job. Remember friends....if you post goofy photos of yourself on facebook, they might end up randomly as works of art, especially if you have friends that are inclined to draw things at random.

The more you know....