Handmade pasta, chocolate mousse and other sleep aids

cropped version "all in a row" pretty colorful bicycles...almost done!

I had fully intended on making an entry last nite....and then I lay on the bed for a few minutes....and woke up this morning at 7am! In my defense, we had a lovely pasta dinner last nite, with a really great chocolate mousse for dessert. I blame the mousse for putting me in a chocolate coma....either that, or it was a combination of handmade pasta AND mousse. Either way, good dinner, great sleep....zero entry.

Yesterday was a busy day. I spent most of it in Red Deer dropping off paintings and getting payments. I did manage to get some painting time in the morning, so this is a cropped down version of what "all in a row" looks like presently. It's not quite finished, but it should be this evening. Then one more canvas....and no more "Re:cycled threads". Next? Landscapes, commission, Earth Day donation and then artwalk in Edmonton. I spent the morning at the Paint Spot getting all registered for July artwalk shenanigans. I have secured a spot and me and my works will be hanging out on the sidewalk in the sun! Three whole days of original artwork perusing pleasure for the Whyte Ave area. Three whole days! Postcards will be available for purchase there, and I plan on having works in a variety of size and price ranges. Soooo many artists are registered so far. I'm really excited, I've never participated in an artwalk this big before!

So that has been my past two days. No slacking off here! Tuesday I get to head down to Lethbridge and deliver "Re:cycled threads" to Edit...it's home base for the next couple of months and then while working on landscapes I also have a portrait commission to work on. I'm VERY stoked about this, and I will most definitely post about it.

Right then...nap time, training run, painting and tacos! Hope your Saturday nite serves you up some yummy goodness and some outdoor time too!