Happiness could be deemed as new lavender colored chucks!

"oh look, a castle!" ink, gesso & watercolor on paper

And for those of you who don't know what "chucks" are...they are better known as converse high-tops....yes I wore them as a child and yes I still think they are cool. Yes I bought a pair of lavender colored ones for my birthday...and they make me giddy!

This IS still a daily blog...I am however in the midst of helping the art store I work for move to a new location...so there are some extra hours...which translates to MORE painting time in about a week! (and more blogging time!)

I have really awesome friends...and I mean REALLY awesome. They are so diverse in their passions and interests, and they all add something very special and necessary to my life. They also inspire me...by what they do, how they do it, and things they say. They also say some really goofy things. This postcard was inspired by a goofy thing. My friend Richard likes to say this in an attempt to distract after either he or I have said something else awkward...or not particularly funny. Sometimes we also throw it in a conversation to cheer the other one up...if and when that is needed.

Thank you Richard, for being so awesome....your postcard is in the mail.