Happy Christmas!

Today has been a test of the wills. How disciplined and dedicated to my craft am I? Can I paint at the kitchen table....and NOT drool on my painting while several delicious tourtiere are baking in the oven just a few feet away, filling the main floor with their delicious smells...

"from Conception Bay (letters to Newfoundland)" ink & acrylic on canvas, 9" x 12" $135

There is no drool on the last letter of the 'four letter series'. I was successful, I did complete it despite my grumbling tummy and watering mouth, mostly because those lovely meat pies will be exiting the oven in a few short hours and then a large group of us will gather round the table and work hard on ingesting all the delicious contents in the pie pans. It's a tradition in Gabriel's family....the Great Tourtiere Bake Off! I am not participating...it's far too intense. Instead, I painted and am sipping the last of the pumpkin beer and willing myself to NOT dive headfirst into the nuts & bolts.....even though I went for a much needed run on top of the coulees a few short hours ago. Ah, Christmas.

But I'm not a food blogger....I am an art blogger and posted above is the last of the letter series (for now). Conception Bay with this lovely collection of red sheds and overgrown grass. The little yellow bit is indeed the nose of a little boat of some kind that was on blocks. I'm pretty sure I was trespassing when I took this photo....but in my defense I just drove to the end of the road I was on and stopped at the closed gate so I could get out and take a few photos. There was also a lovely abandoned salt box house behind me and to the right of where I was standing when I took the shot for this painting. It still had lovely lace curtains in it's windows (albeit discolored with age) and the gate around the house seemed to be made of old wire head and foot boards from old bed frames. Judging by the look of the house...I think it was used for storage by the family that owned the property. There is something so lovely about red buildings in a serene landscape, whether they be barns on prairies.....or little buildings by the sea. Plus, I thought it fitting that the last letter completed so close to Christmas should have very festive colors since the photograph did not contain any snow.

The guests for the bake off (and other judges besides myself) are on there way....and I want to get a bit more work done on my new triptych before I need to back up the art supplies from the kitchen table so we can put down the place settings. I hope wherever you are reading this you are healthy, surrounded by people you love and wearing stretchy pants to accommodate your food baby. Happy Christmas to you! Cheers.