Happy mistakes

I am patiently waiting for paint to dry, sipping tea and watching the shadows change on the front lawn as the sun creeps over the sky. I love the shadows this time of year. They are so long. This morning was very stressful. I couldn't find my phone and the engine temperature gauge on little car starting registering 'danger red' while driving home from the cafe yesterday. Fortunately I had an appointment to take it into the mechanic this morning, but still....I had anxious visions of being that person with their hazards on, tying up an entire lane of traffic on 109th during morning rush hour. Awesome, right? Making everyone late and honk at you more than the already do....(drivers in this city just love to lay on the horn, for any reason it seems)...good times! None of this happened though. Little car and I made it to the mechanic shop, found my phone and took a warm cab home where I am currently nestled in the studio with everything working properly. (please God....keep it that way!)

"cafe interior" mixed media on canvas, 10" x 10" (unfinished version)

It's been a very productive morning....so productive in fact, that I am just about done the second overdue housewarming gift! Huzzah! I can post this on here because I know my friend doesn't read this blog....mostly because it has nothing to do with coffee or cooking. He's pretty big into both and is currently away in Vancouver and heading to Portland on some time off. So here is the unfinished version of his painting. It's a cafe interior, but I'm not sure where. I'm painting it from one of his photos. All that's left to do really is add some ink and highlights in a few areas. I love the perspective of this shot....kind of like he was standing on a chair or holding the camera above his head. It draws you into the picture more....makes you want to see what's hanging on the walls in the back of the room. I made a big mistake on this one though. The red paper that I put on the canvas should have been on the right side where the brick wall is...not the left, but it's worked out OK. I like that the bricks won't need to be inked in because I was able to carve them out of the we paint instead. Hooray for happy mistakes.

The carriage house is coming along nicely and should be finished today....so if you wish to see the end result, it will be posted in the gallery section under '2010 works'.

Gosh, we are ONE day away from December....I wonder how many more '2010 works' I will get done until I need to make a '2011 works' category?