heart in book, pen in hand

It's here. My favorite month.

It crept in on a chilly morning on the final night of our last camping trip of the season. I sensed it in the tent, snuggled in fleecy long johns all zipped up in my down sleeping bag. I could SMELL it before I got up to go to the bathroom and I saw it in the trees on the way to the facilities. Fall is here. I think I may have jumped up and down for joy. I don't remember, but I know I've been grinning from ear to ear since Thursday evening.

The bearded dude and I spent one last weekend camping in Jasper for his sister's wedding. The weather was blustery and glorious, she was a gorgeous bride, the campsite was quiet and the weather finally cooled down. I brought my sketchbook to the wedding and sketched during the ceremony and a little bit before and after. I've never brought my sketchbook to a wedding before....but I will for sure bring it to the next wedding I go to. What fun to capture a wedding while it's happening! I took lots of photos too to paint later on....especially since it rained and there were umbrellas EVERYWHERE. I LOVE drawing and painting umbrellas! Anyway, here are the sketches from this past weekend, and the weekend before that when we went hiking near the Icefields Parkway.

Hope the last weekend of your summer was fantastic! YAY FALL!