heavy snowfall warning

I have been snowed out of my opening at the Gallery on Main this evening. It's just started snowing here in Edmonton but I hear from friends 3 hours south in Calgary that it is a veritable winter wonderland there already. Lacombe is not far behind. Some people get all the rad weather. I'm ready. The dogs had a good run in the school field. There is food in the fridge. We have wine. And I am looking forward to putting on my red plaid flannel adult onesie. Yes, you did read that right. Being warm and cozy and knitting on your couch in your onesie flanked by dogs is sexy as hell ladies. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I won't subject you to a photo of me and my onesie. I'll save that gem for my instagram feed. Oh those lucky, lucky followers!!

Things I worked on today and/or this week:



'view of rock lake from booth's rock (algonquin park, on)'

mixed media on canvas, 24" x 24"


The first painting from my Ontario adventure at the start of October. I thought I'd just get right into it and paint my favorite photo from my favorite hike. My friend and I must have sat at this spot for a good 2 hours at least. We had lunch and I drew a very detailed sketch in my travel journal. It felt like we were so high up standing on that rock. I remember looking over the side of the rock; the surface was really smooth and one would slide effortlessly over the ledge and skewer themselves easily on one of the naked maples below. There was nothing between me and the swift end of my adventuring career except for sure footedness and common sense. That and a damn strong breeze. Thinking about it just now has made my palms slightly sweaty. Such a lovely spot, despite the potential to be treacherous. And this wasn't even the really pretty spot!


'catch of the day (saint john, nb)'

mixed media on canvas, 9" x 12"



'catch of the day II (salvage, nl)'

mixed media on canvas, 9" x 12"


Sometimes I paint things because I haven't painted them before. That, and chances are in my ever-growing digital archive of photos from adventures, there is a photo of something random that I will come across years later and decide to paint. Like lobster traps. Years later, if there is a book or article written on me and my paintings....if the author attaches some sort of deep and hidden meaning to either of these little paintings of lobster traps; please know they made it up! It's crap! You read it here first. I painted these because I haven't painted lobster traps before and because I'm in love with maritime Canada and Newfoundland.

It's snowing a bit harder now! Exciting!!

Stay warm and safe Alberta friends. And for friends not in Alberta reading this; I'm sorry you are missing out on my favorite season.