here's lookin' at you, kids!

Monday night: post run, awaiting BBQ-ed steaks, fried mushrooms and spinach salad. This is a lovely lull in the evening before I get back to the 4 unfinished canvases I have on the go. Thursday morning the dogs go to the kennel and then we pack our vehicle with camping gear and some food and head to BC for a final weekend of summer festival shenanigans in Robson Valley. First camping trip of the season (sadly) and I am so stoked for tent sleeping. This afternoon I finally put the finishing touches on this commission that I started back in July. It's not that it took me from then until now to paint's that this summer has been over-flowing with goings-on that some things got neglected.


sisters, mixed media on birch panel

12" x 16", commission

Catching up feels good though!

Happy Monday.