hitting the wall

There it is. The wall. And there I am....contemplating it.

(No, I did not mean to match my wall....and yes, my hair is really THAT curly.)

The wall. That point you get to in your head where you ask yourself a few simple questions:

Why am I doing this?

How do I get around this situation...or through?

Is it nap time yet?

Is it too early for tea and scotch?

Ok....maybe not so much the last question. Lately it feels like I've been reaching all sorts of walls. Tired walls (napping or painting?) Training walls (really....a run? Today?) Flexibility walls (in yoga class: you want me to bend HOW?) I'm newer to the yoga bit, but the half marathon training and painting...not so much. Not to say I'm an expert in either area, but I've been involved in both long enough to know what works for me and what doesn't. Waiting until I FEEL like doing either of these things does not work, and lately I have been succumbing to this 'feeling'....and it's beginning to irritate me. This is my *wall. It's time to knock it down again.

(*Please note I mean the proverbial wall...and not the lovely red wall in the photo. That is a studio wall, and I need it there. It keeps the snow out and I'm sure my landlords would prefer it stay there.)