Home again, home again

I like traveling, but I sure do like being home too. I like puttering around my house, having all my art supplies accessible, having my dog mill about while I'm in the studio and sleeping in my own bed. Yup, I'm so thankful for home. But Newfoundland was AWESOME. I'm already planning in the back of my mind when I'm going back. I kid you not...it was so wonderful.

For those of us who are friends on Facebook, I posted my sketches from the trip in a new album called "the Newfoundland journals". I didn't post them to the fan profile because I thought it would be fun to post them and their stories...one by one here on the blog. So here we start at the beginning.

ink & watercolor in on paper in sketchbook

Day 1: After fighting the fact that 9am Newfoundland time is indeed 5:30am Alberta time, I asked one of the hostel workers where a good place to get breakfast nearby was. She recommended a great little spot just down the street called "Classic Cafe" so off I went. Turns out this yummy breakfast spot came with a stellar view of Signal Hill and "the Battery", one of the original fishing villages at the base of the hill. So I did this sketch that morning at the breakfast table. The building at the top of the hill is called the "Queen's Battery". It was established there to protect the narrows (the way into St. John's Harbor) from unwelcomed guests. And the narrows are aptly named...it is a very narrow opening to get large vessels into.

It's a lovely thing being able to have breakfast and look out at the sparkling Atlantic Ocean. Right up there with eating breakfast in the studio.