home, sick

I caught my husband's horrid cold. Fortunately NOT to the extent that he got it...I just got the major energy drain version. I spent most of the day sleeping and then went for a short walk with dogs while the sun was still out. I'm not the best at staying in bed. I'm a putterer. I've now been out of bed for almost 5 hours! At the very least, I ate, made tea, and did some drawing. I have 4 more birch panels to work on and then it's time to make the studio into Santa's workshop. I haven't painted a picture of Luke yet, my black border collie/lab something that we adopted back in March, so this piece will have him in it. It's just the background I have sketched in at the moment.

This is a little piece inspire by Downton Abbey. I love that show and I think Luke will make a great butler, so that is what he's going to be. Body says no more for tonight. Guess it is time for bed.