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The dogs and I just got back from a most perfect winter walk. The light was amazing; the snow was a pale, warm, buttery yellow and the sky was a very moist looking blue....filled with more snow, hopefully. It's been snowing lightly all day, that nice fluffy snow; not the heavy wet stuff of last week. I haven't shoveled the walk yet. I'm enjoying our footprints on the front step. I'll do it in the morning before the rest of the neighborhood is up. The Bearded Dude is away working for a short stint. Only a week this time. The fur kids and I have a 3 day weekend with the house to ourselves so I am painting and photographing and sticking tiny photos to walls and plotting delicious lamb curry makings and languid beer sippings while wilderness adventuring on my couch in the evenings. I'm nearly finished another wonderful book by my favorite author: R. M. Patterson. This one is called 'Trail to the Interior'. His writing is said to be a mixture of Jack London and Thoreau. I haven't enjoyed the writings of either of those authors (yet), so I can't attest if this is true or not. But his writing does make me want to gather the BD, dogs and some gear and head into the wilderness wherever our muscles and a canoe can take us. It makes me wish I was more rugged. I most likely would throw a fit at the amount of mosquitoes in the wilderness of the NWT. I remember packing up our tent on a small camping excursion in Yellowknife a few summers ago; the mosquitoes were dreadful. At one point I remember trying to neatly fold the tent into it's cases; throwing it down and shouting "FUCK!!" at the top of my lungs in frustration. Every time my hands were occupied, hundreds of mosquitoes were in my face. Ugh. One of the many reasons why winter is better. You don't end up voluntarily donating to a million flying carnivores.

I finished this piece today:


'how tall are you? (algonquin park, on)'

mixed media on canvas, 22" x 28"


When my friend Sam and I were adventuring in Algonquin Park in the beginning of October, we had to make a stop at the visitor information building to obtain a park pass. The parking lot was in the middle of this really tall stand of pines. Those pines must look really lovely with a light dusting of snow. This piece will be hung in the Argyll Transcend on Tuesday morning

Before he left, the BD bought me a present; a wide format Fuji instax camera. It's similar to the one I borrowed in the summer from the cafe, only this one takes wider film AND can shoot outside in most any light! I've been having a blast taking random photos of things and stuff testing out what it can do.....all the while getting neat ideas of how to incorporate these photos into ink drawings. Paper cutting. Gluing. Might need a new tab for this site for mixed media photography. Neat!

Speaking of this site; thanks to my friend Joel it got a wee bit of a face lift. I can now change the background and my instagram feed is now attached to the site. Hooray for rad friends with mad skills!

The quadrupeds and I are headed out for dinner, movie & knitting with libations. Apparently their snuggly powers are needed for good in another household for a few hours, and I'm allowed to come too. On screen will be one of the original Star Wars movies. Who can say no to that?

I can't, obviously.