home time

I finished this piece last night and was still thinking what to call it when I put myself to bed (for a 2nd time) last night at around 12:30am. Suddenly the song 'passing afternoon' by Iron & Wine was stuck in my head, and I figured that was a fitting title for this piece. The lazy clouds, the golden sun on the fields, the dwindling light of late summer afternoons. Just bliss. a591_passingafternoon

'the passing afternoon'

mixed media on canvas, 30" x 40"


It's been a long sort of odd day and I think it needs to be sweated out, so this is a short post to make room for a run and a dog walk before a lovely staff hangout at a place I've never been to here in Edmonton called The Common. I guess we can dance there too. It's been ages since I've danced anywhere or in front of anyone. I plan on dancing a lot this evening. It's just been that kind of a day. I need to shake it out.

There were a few lovely moments today though. Hanging this painting in the cafe and seeing people stand back and then walk right up to it to get a better look; a visit from the Bearded Dude before he goes off to live at the EIA base until Sunday; cookie delivery and a hug from my friend Amy and receiving these lovely lilacs from a customer this morning (not specifically for me, but for the staff at the cafe).


On with the runners and out the door I go into the mugginess of this heavy Friday afternoon.