how can i help?

I try very hard to challenge myself artistically. Different subject matter, different approach, different media....but I think sometimes the biggest challenge of all is figuring out how to use my passion to help others. I don't like spending time doing things I don't like to do. When possible, I decide if it's worth it for me to either A) spend time doing something I don't like (like my own taxes....blerg!) or B) do a trade of services or pay someone to do it for me. Granted....some things you just need to suck it up and do. Taxes need to be done....but my taxes don't NEED to be done by me next I'm going to pay someone to do it for me. Save me time and stress, and they will do a better, faster and probably more accurate job than I will (and did). Plus, they probably know tips to get me a better return or reduce what I might owe for next year. My main passion is painting but how can I use this to help others? Well....I can paint, sell the paintings and do something with the money other than use it for myself. I got thinking of this this morning as I was searching the internet for news on Slave Lake and the devastation it's experiencing. There are all sorts of groups popping up on the internet where you can make donations of money or goods. I don't know anyone personally in Slave Lake, but I do want to I'm thinking that whatever paintings I sell from now until the end of August, I'm going to donate half of the total value of the painting(s) to the Red Cross to help people in Slave Lake. I'm hoping this will be quite a few paintings as I'm involved with the NOA (Night of Artists) this year and Whyte Ave artwalk, plus my website and facebook fanpage can be very busy places too.

If you could, spread the word about this. I'm going to create a little sheet to advertise this in the 3 cafes in Edmonton and the 1 in Lethbridge where I have paintings for sale. If you don't know where those cafes are, the list is in the contact section of this website. I'm going to twitter about this, and post a mini message on my facebook fanpage and profile so people know.

What better way to support local art AND help a devastated community in our province? Please tell your friends!