how the light gets in

I'm very thankful that people see photographs of my paintings in progress, or finished pieces, and sometimes snap them up quickly. Photographs never really do a painting any justice. They are a pretty good representation of the thing you hope to see in person one day, much like a destination; but there is nothing quite like seeing a painting in person. The color is always different, the texture finally stands out, and you can get yer face right up to it and find some new detail you missed last time your eyes passed over that bit near the bottom left.

Last photo is the finished version.

how the light gets in, mixed media on canvas, 16" x 16", $385 + tax

The tissue paper on the snow in the foreground and in the tree branches is so subtle, it can be easy to miss. Most of the branches poking out of the snowy blanket in the bottom half of the piece have been drawn into the wet paint, with a few extras drawn in acrylic ink on top of the paint later on in the process. The pink in the sky and in the light falling onto the foreground is really soft and I love the cadmium light red accents next to the sun flare in the trees. There is so much going on sometimes in these mixed media pieces, it's kind of overwhelming. It's not all planned out meticulously. My paintings are usually full of 'happy accidents'. That's what brings me back to my easel and worktable again and again.

I've also added a new gallery onto this site. It's called 'drawings for purchase'. I don't create works for sale on paper very often, mostly because I have no way of properly displaying them without framing them. Instead of abstaining from drawing however, I will post the drawings I make that are for sale in that new little gallery. I had posted my second Canmore drawing there a few days ago, but it sold. I made another one:

springtime in february, mixed media on paper, 12x16(in), $90 + tax

springtime in february, mixed media on paper, 12x16(in), $90 + tax

This drawing was inspired by the sky around Didsbury on our drive home from Canmore last Sunday. The clouds were making that interesting ribbed texture they do when it's warm out. It's been so warm out that the fields around that area have almost no snow on them. And that low mid-winter light is just so gold! It lights up the fallow like a neon sign. It's just perfect.

There you are; two new things from the studio that have nothing to do with upcoming shows, petraits, or commissions. Happy Wednesday!