I call fowl!

"what!" (not finished yet) ink & acrylic on canvas 8" x 16"

What's this? THREE days in a row? What is this....a for REAL daily blog? Oh my! Well, that and my arse has actually been IN the studio...painting away and today I just loaded up on new canvases. I won't get to put anything on them until AFTER this weekend....but here they are leaning against my easel just waiting to be painted on. This weekends focus? Visiting family in Lethbridge followed by visiting friends in Red Deer followed by delivering some paintings in Red Deer followed by running a half marathon in Red Deer Sunday morning followed by meeting up with another friend for some birthday shenanigans followed by a drive home and then opening the cafe Monday morning. I kid you not.

In the meantime...I seem to be in a fowl mood. I like this guy....he's got attitude. I like watching the Ravens traipse across my front lawn like they own it. Really it's just on loan to us. We are expected to keep the yard in prime condition for worms and other things the Ravens and Magpies want to eat. The like to have their daily saunter across the lawn...looking casually at the grass for things I can't see. They can make the most amazing chortling sounds. When we were in Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) last summer...they make these sounds like babies cooing. It's quite pretty. They also make a funny tinkling laugh-type sound...in addition to the "caw-caw-caw" they are well known for. And to look AT them....they are highly intelligent. Emily Carr had a pet Raven for a bit. I thought 'why?' and then read some of her stories about him. I'm not saying I want one, but I have a lot more respect for them now....especially since it is Gabriel's favorite bird.

He's not finished yet...there is some inking detail that I am putting on his feathers and some more work on the eyes and beak....but I'm pretty happy with him so far. Some of my other artist friends have recently posted paintings they have done of birds, and it just ends up being a perpetual cycle of inspiration. (Thanks Erin Boake, Aaron Paquette, Erika Schulz and Angella Powel) My friend Emil Tiedman is a photographer and posted some lovely shots he took of peacocks....so I have a feeling I'm not quite done with them yet either. Oh well....there are 7 naked canvases in my studio now. I'm sure ONE or more would LOVE to have a peacock painted on them.

Happy May long weekend!