I carry it with me

"sunbeams" pencil crayon & pen in my sketchbook

The painting that I'm working on now is a good sized canvas of 16" x 20"....and it's not done yet. Which leads me to think....should I post it on the blog, or just post it in the gallery and leave the blog for sketchbook and one-a-day stories. Hmmmm....or I could do both.

My sketchbook is something I carry with me all the time. You never know when you'll have some marvelous creative epiphany over a latte, a conversation or you see something when you are out for a bike ride that might make for an interesting painting. Sometimes it's nice just to fool around in. Essentially it ends up being a pictorial journal....stuff gets glued in, paper clipped in, taped in....or simply placed between pages only to jump out at me randomly when I am somewhere very public and have forgotten I didn't fasten them in somehow. (very entertaining to watch someone play "pick-up" in a flustered fashion...also a great way to make new friends!) This sketch was done between gourment Christmas meals. I wasn't in danger of falling asleep because the sunbeams weren't touching me, but I thought they looked nice and needed to be captured.

Back to the new painting....which will most likely be posted on here, as well as the gallery section. I hope you are having a wonderful Monday!