i like bicycles

Telus came through for me yesterday and I now have internet in the studio! About time....holy man.

It's a nice sunny day, the poplar fuzz is flying, my jungle of a lawn is slowly drying and may actually get mowed this evening...and all I can think about is getting out my bike, filling the tires with air and heading to the cafe for some espresso and reading in the sun, but I have a bad case of "just one more layer" going on at the moment. I feel like I have been working on this particular painting forever. Of course this is a massive over exaggeration...I started it over a month ago and then didn't touch it for a few weeks. Today however is the day it will be finished. This one, and the crow one I've been mulling about it my head. (The third layer of acrylic wash is currently drying, the applying a gel layer and it's ready to be drawn on!) I was contemplating laying the canvases on the lawn in the back yard....but there is so much 'treemen' floating about that it would surely stick to the drying gel. Not quite the mixed media effect I'm going for...but that might be something fun to experiment with at a later date. Hmm....

Yes, I said 'treemen'. I heard it from a co-worker the other day and I think it's hilarious. Trees gotta reproduce somehow!

"where i park my bike" (detail of bottom half)

mixed media on canvas, 16" x 20"


Getting back to the bicycles, here is the bottom detail of one of the paintings I'm working on. I'm not really sure why I like taking pictures and painting pictures of bicycles, but it just makes me really happy. This bicycle in particular makes me happy because it has a wicker basket...just as my lovely cruiser has a wicker basket. Nothing says "I'm ready for summer" like riding round your neighborhood, chiming your bike bell at folks as you pass them, wind and poplar fluff in your hair and smiling wide at people stuck in traffic as you cruise on by on your sweet self-powered ride. This painting also happens to be a (now much overdue) housewarming gift for a friend who moved to Vancouver a few months back. Better late and awesome....right?

Okay...that's it. Me and my bike are going out on a date...before the next torrential down pour ensues. Sunscreen at the ready. Eye protection from treemen...check!

Happy first-week-of-summer.