I love pumpkin beer!

Well, hi there! I've been setting up, showing works and sipping lovelybeers from a variety of micro-breweries around Alberta and I have a new favorite. Alley Kat pumpkin beer! I apologize for those of you reading this that aren't fans of pumpkin OR beer...so the mix must make you a little queasy. For those of you that DO love both....oh my! You should get on that action. That is some tasty, tasty beer.

This is not a blog about beer though, and I still have sketches from my trip to show you!

"an ocean view" ink & watercolor on paper in my sketchbook

After walking through the lovely village known as 'the Battery', the path began winding it's way around the cliff to the Cabot Tower on Signal Hill...and the views were amazing! The path was really narrow, as most mountain hiking paths are. On my left was a rock face and on my right a short plummet to hypothermia into the sparkling and extremely frigid Atlantic Ocean. At one point the trail got so narrow that the builders kindly provided some cable anchored at various points into the rock for you to grab onto so that a nor'easter didn't blow you off the path. Up various flights of precariously placed stairs and then the path winds on top of the rocks and nestles itself in a small valley at the base of a steep hill with tons of stairs which will lead you to the Cabot Tower parking lot. The view was AMAZING. A treeless rocky cliff top with nothing but ocean and the view of other cliffs ending abruptly in the ocean. I found a wee spot just off the recommended path where I could sit and get this sketch done. I'm not sure how many feet I was above the ocean. Huge seagulls sunned themselves on some of the high rock cliffs and dove for food at the base. I added the color to the sketch later that night in my hostel room because the wind was so terrific and not conducive to painting on site.

It was neat seeing some of the locals use the trail as their lunch run. Being able to see that on your daily run? Holy cow! I hope that to be the case one day.