I present to you...the THIRD painting of 2011!

"Quidi Vidi, St. John's NL" acrylic on canvas, 22" x 28" $770

I JUST finished this painting. As I compile today's blog, I am waiting for the underside of the painting to dry. I just outlined it and need to put the rest of the color on. The painting extends around the sides of the canvas so that it doesn't need to be framed...that and I love how it looks on the side of the canvas when you catch a glimpse of it. Finished and almost three dimensional.

Perspective and light are quickly becoming two of my favorite challenges in painting. I took the photo for this at the top of a boardwalk where there were some wooden stairs. (You can kind of see them descending on the bottom right by my signature.) It kind of makes you want to go down them and get closer to the water. Plus, I love the light patterns on the boardwalk and roofs of the houses. The light specks in the distance are in fact seagulls. There were so many seagulls there that day, as I'm sure there are most every day in Quidi Vidi. These aren't prairie gulls though...these guys are big and loud. It sounded like a hall full of laughing, cackling women. I kid you not! With winter in full swing now, I wonder how Quidi Vidi looks now. Is the water frozen? Are the gulls still there?

I'm thinking the outline on the bottom of the canvas might be dry by now. I have the next painting planned out in my head....a lovely building piece from....you guessed it, Newfoundland.

Happiness is painting my little heart out on a very snowy day!