i said there would be pictures

And I meant it. This is actually a teaser for some friends of mine....as this is a painting for them. We participated in an art exchange....I got mittens made by Erika AND a lovely watercolor sketchbook (the cover of which is made out of recycled file folders and has a BUTTON on it....two of my favorite things! She also made this for me.), and in return I am painting one of her and her husband's favorite photos from a trip they took to Africa a few years ago. I can't remember where the photo was taken, but it's a stellar photo and has all the makings of becoming a stellar painting.

So far so good. Yesterday I said there would be pictures. See? Told you.

The process of packing up the house and little studio has also begun. Just a few boxes so far....mostly some books and old sketchbooks in the studio that I don't need right away, and later on I'll begin packing up some of the books in the living room. Not a bad way to spend a Monday. A little packing, a little painting and a little blogging. I'm trying not to get distracted by the sounds of summer wafting through the open front door......and also trying hard not to be overwhelmed by all the other things that need to be done that don't involve painting.

I feel like I could use more time. I heard a friend of mine once say that if you need something, you must give something. When she felt like she didn't have enough time to get everything done....she gave some of her time away, meaning she would help a friend that needed it, or comfort someone who was having issues, or do some volunteer work of some type. Not enough to make her super behind and stressed out, but enough to get her mind off her own schedule and to do list and start thinking about other people and the community outside of herself. I tried following suit today....so I sent a thank you postcard I painted to someone, and began working on another painting that is a gift, not for sale. I feel like I need some time and inspiration....and so I sowed some of each into other people today.

It hasn't helped the to-do list get smaller, but it's helped my heart get a little softer and has made the little bit of painting I've done so far today a lot more enjoyable.

Happy Monday.