i wanted to go to toshe station to pick up some power converters...but i had to stay home and finish this instead.

I bought the new Fleet Foxes album on itunes this morning. I listened to it on repeat and tried not to get overwhelmed by everything going on in my life. (moving, house hunting, wedding planning, work, paintings, commissions, ideas for illustrations, planning shows, applying for my own shows....) I had a goal to accomplish in the studio today. I was going to finish the star wars drawing! It's been bugging me that it's not done! So between loads of laundry, outside pee breaks for Gershwin, lunch and two cups of tea.....I FINALLY finished this drawing. A labor of love and silliness most definitely. There is some coffee related silliness in there....Luke is holding a portofilter instead of a light saber, and Princess Leia is holding a milk pitcher that is dribbling slightly. Yoda seems to be pouring a rosetta in a to go latte cup also...

This isn't the entire staff of our cafe. This is just the staff from the main cafe (Argyll as we call it, or the original cafe on 62nd ave & 99 st.) and roastery as of December 2010. It's finished, it's fun.....and now I think it would be fun to do a funny themed one of ALL the staff that work at Transcend. Having said that, and now that some of the staff have seen it, (since I posted it on facebook and tagged everyone in it) I'm fairly certain there might be a mass deleting of silly pictures on facebook so I don't get any ideas to use them as a reference photo forĀ  a drawing. Nothing says "we are pals" like creeping your friends' facebook albums to obtain the most unflattering picture of them to make a drawing of. Not in every case mind you, but in a good number of cases.

Fortunately (and surprisingly) I have not been unfriended yet after publishing this photo and tagging my co-workers in it. My boss has even seen it....and loves it, which is swell because it's for him! (He's Palpatine, or the dude just behind and to the left of the scared and hipsterized Princess Leia.) Apparently though....this was supposed to be a surprise for him (our boss). Whoops. Worst. Surprise. Keeper. Ever. (Glad you like it, Poul! Sorry Andrew....)

Thank goodness I make a cute Ewok....am I right? (I am the ewok in the drawing.....bottom right hand corner. My signature is under my furry little ewok foot.)

Sigh. One day I won't spoil a surprise. Really, the best way for me NOT to spoil a surprise is don't TELL me it's a surprise....and I'll be sure to never mention it. I'll even most likely forget we had such a conversation.

The force is strong with me. (Can't you tell?)