i was there

It's the 10th. I'm home. I woke up in St. John's this morning, and am typing this and then going to bed in Edmonton. What. The. Hell! How did this trip come and go soooo fast? I came home to a yard full of sweaty dudes digging a trench around my house. The good news; the beds I wanted to clean up around the house in preparation for winter are no more. The bad news; there is a damn trench AROUND my house and the lawn has tire marks on it from the back hoe they were using. Welcome home! At the very least...the basement shouldn't leak after all this.

So now I am sipping bakeapple tea with a side of scotch in bed and processing my trip. We covered a lot of ground. We made some terrific friends. I filled the sketchbook that I started in TO on my trip back in July. I filled an entire sketchbook just with the sketches and miscellaneous musings of summer. There are 22 new sketches, and I think it would be a bit much to put them all on here at the same time because I'm not really sure (still) how the picture formatting works on this yet....so I'll post a few tonight and keep adding to them in the next few days.

The interior of the Edmonton airport just before our departure. We got singled out in the security line to randomly have our hands swabbed. Perhaps people who appear genuinely cheerful waiting to board and early morning flight look a little suspicious...

This is my first airport interior sketch. It went over better than my attempt to get a photo of the station sign in the Toronto subway in July. I didn't get yelled at over the intercom OR have a big burly member of airport security give me hell. FTW, on both counts.

We were on our way to Signal Hill at night to get a view of the lights in St. John's harbor when we happened upon some private event in the parking lot of the Quidi Vidi brewery. They were launching paper lanterns over Quidi Vidi at night. Such a stunning sight, these lovely red paper lanterns floating gently on the night breeze over the inky blackness of the tiny bay. My camera doesn't take the best photos at night....or rather, I'm not sure what settings it needs to take better, steady photos at night, so when we got back to our friend's house that night, I quickly sketched this out from memory.

My body is still kind of 3 1/2 hours ahead of what it should be. I'm faring pretty well, considering the odd time travel today. Our plane left at 6am in St. John's....we were on the plane about 7 hours and we arrived at the Edmonton International airport at 11am this morning. True story. Time travel requires more coffee than what I consumed today. There will be more little stories tomorrow.